We have used Platinum System since 2011 and are super pleased with them.  We use both their software as well as their billing service.  Before Platinum, our office had 5 full time staff.  Since we started using Platinum, we've over doubled our practice volume but now only have 3 full time staff.  The ability to see so many more patients with almost half the staff is totally a result of Platinum System.  Speaking on their billing service: once we switched to Platinum System to handle our billing a few years ago, our collection percentage instantly went up 5% and the cost to bill went down $2000 a month due to us not needing a full time staff to do it.  Hiring Platinum to do our billing ended up being the best business move I've made in my office.


Having used 4 outside billing companies previous to using Platinum Billing I was becoming overwhelmingly frustrated and felt like I was losing money. Within 30 days of working with platinum billing my collections began to spike and have only continued to improve.


We've been using Platinum for 7 years and have been very satisfied. As we all know time becomes more valuable than money, and that's what we love about Platinum System, is that their service and response time are fantastic and they are on top of things! Sure the system works great and is virtually seamless, but their service is the icing on the cake. Virtually everyone we know serving their communities with chiropractic and making a big impact are utilizing the Platinum System. Don't make costly mistakes, go with the best - Platinum!


My only regret about the Platinum system is I should have installed it much sooner. Any DC who does not have this total practice management system in their office is actually losing money. Now we are also able to track our patients and follow up with them like never before which has amounted to a huge increase in retention and income. If you want to cut your overhead and increase your income then Platinum is a must for every DC.”


We saw Platinum System at a seminar and even though the initial cost seemed high when we put into perspective the savings it would create by getting billing and notes done effectively the cost is actually very low. When we have any problems Platinum’s Support Center is efficient in correcting problems right away. Our sales/installation rep got us up and running quickly and is always available when we have questions. I can’t imagine what we did before Platinum and what we would do without it. We highly recommend it for every office.


In short, I can't imagine running a practice without it! As soon as we began using the system I was able to put more focus on my patients instead of all the paperwork and I was able to continue to efficiently serve over 600 patients per week. Also, since the system is so efficient, I don't need as many adjusting rooms as before and now I lease 3 rooms out to another DC who also uses the Platinum system (great income stream!). My CA's love the system for its ease of use and even by adding another doctor; they did not have ANY additional work to do because the system does it for them. As for statistics, the system will keep incredible statistics for every aspect of your practice, all at the push of a button. To sum up, the system has made our patient service so much easier! I run a successful, high volume practice with fewer CA's that ever before and, finally; I am much more profitable than ever before. I cannot imagine EVER going back to the dark ages before Platinum


We are HIGHLY satisfied with Platinum Billing services. We opened our office in December 2016 and have been working with Platinum Billing since inception. The intricacies of insurance processing can be a tricky road to navigate, especially when our attention should be focused on patient care, and it puts our minds at ease knowing that the team at Platinum is taking care of ALL of this. We love our biller, Tiffany. She is quick to answer questions (many questions at times!!), and she is always working behind the scenes in ways that we aren't always aware of in the office. It just gets done! I could go on, but let me simply state that I zealously recommend this service!


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