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The Three Steps to Audit Proof Income!

The goal of every business is to be profitable. But even more important is to keep all the money you collect. At Custom ChiroSolutions we’re here to help you create the policies and procedures you need to practice from a position of strength, and not fear, in three steps.

We begin the process by looking at the care plans you sell patients to see how predictable your practice is when it comes to the diagnosis and CPT codes used. With this information we take you through the first step of understanding and editing your billing profile in order to avoid audits before they happen.

Now that your care plans and treatment protocols are married to the proper billing codes, we then customize your documentation. This step is where you will save time and your mental health. With the guidance of our certified professional coder (CPC) your notes will be YOURS and exactly match the care plans YOU sell.

The last step is to help you determine how much to sell your care plans for. We work on this part of your practice as we found about 92% of practices sell a care plan that loses money. This creates pressure on the doctor to continually stress about their profit margin. Our process helps you create a care plan value that makes sense to you because YOU have to sell it at a price you believe—you can only sell what you own and you should own why your fees are what they are. We can even help make your care plans affordable for self-pay patients with our discount program, CompliantCoupons.

Like you, I remember the first day of chiropractic school. We never thought about these things nor did school prepare us to handle these issues. Here at Custom ChiroSolutions our full-service program works all of these components into one simple process so you don’t have.

To get this level of compliance and sound business practices, you can reach out to us at 800-974-3479 or for a risk-free practice evaluation.



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