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The 10 Best Platinum System Features

Platinum System has been in existence since 1986 and over that time has nearly 3 million lines of code and hundreds of features. We have compiled a list of what we think are the 10 best. If you need more help with any of these features or would like to learn more please contact our solution center at 888-880-8602. If you don’t have Platinum System and want information on how to get it installed in your office please call our sales team at 888-808-4898.

  1. Customized - Platinum System is so easy to customize. You can set up your office hours in many different ways. By room, open, 10 or 15 min, 4 columns or 9 columns it is up to you. The color coded appointments are easy to change and even set how you want it to print. Not only is the schedule easy to customize but so are the notes. On the doctors screen there are 80 buttons to use for macros. Each button can either be a single output, group output with 36 choices of unlimited text or a multi select button allowing to choose multiple macros at one time. This allows doctors to make the note their own and not have to fall into a regimented note trap. Most notes in Platinum are done in less than 15 seconds.

  2. Maps - Maps stands for multiple appointment calendar. The Maps function is a right click in their future appointments and allows for booking appointments well into the future. You can choose from 1x to 5x per week and book them consecutively. You can choose an individual time for each day as well. Then pre schedule re-exams every so many visits and x rays or other visits on a specific visit count. Once your done go to I print then C multiple appt calendar to give them their own schedule. If they need to change one visit, no problem, just click into their future appointments and change it. Need to change completely - just right click and replace.

  3. Calling Module - The calling module is a unique feature to Platinum System. Once the patient checks in at the front desk the system knows what table is available and then by using the speakers on the computer announces the patient name and what table or room they should go to automatically. The doctor or staff can go into the system and record the table or room configurations and then record the patients names. If a patient does not want their name recorded the system can call their barcode number instead. If a patient needs to use the restroom after checking in they can be put on hold. If they have a special appointment the system can call them to a special room or hold them till they are ready to go to an adjusting table. The calling module increases the capacity of the doctor by speeding up the flow of the practice.

  4. Recall list - The recall list is a report that tells the staff who is on longer on the schedule. There are four ways a patient can be put on the list. They can either come in and leave and have no future appointments, cancel an appointment with no future ones, not show for an appointment and have no future ones or be manually put on the recall list. Once they are on the list the staff can call them and get them back on the schedule. If after three calls a report can be run to either manually remove them or give to the doctor to call or remove from the recall system all together. This is a great way to not lose patients in your office and making sure your are growing.

  5. Patient Activity Query - The patient activity query is a great way to make sure things are getting done in the office. This function must be turned on by the Platinum Solution team. Once it is you can fit F6 from the front desk screen to access it. From there you can schedule task for patients and assign them to staff members. There is a place for notes for the task, a follow up date and a completion date. Staff members can also go into Options to run a patient activity query to see what needs to be done each day. This is a great way to make sure things are not falling through the cracks.

  6. Thermography - Platinum System has a unique thermography program designed to work with the Tytron scanner. Once the scanner is calibrated in Platinum you actually use the specially designed Platinum System Thermography software. This software can do the standard delta lines or it can look at the scan as a pure thermal picture of the area scanned. The way it does this is taking the scan reading and comparing top to bottom not just left and right and transposing those readings as a pure thermal image. The pure thermal image is the best representation of how the spine is reacting to damaged areas and is an incredible way to show improvement.

  7. Self Check-in - Platinum System was the first EHR software to have a patient self check-in station. This takes away from having a sign in sheet then the CA looking at the sheet to see who is next. In Platinum the patient can use a customized health card containing office info to check in or they can use a pin number. The health card is a great way for each patient to always have your business card on them and is used by the majority of Platinum clients. If a patient loses the card, no problem, just give them a temporary for the day. You will not believe the pressure this takes off the front desk, now they can actually great the patients and take care of them instead of looking for paperwork or doing administrative duties.

  8. Subjective Questions - Patient subjective questions is a great way to speed up the flow in the practice. Most offices have multiple tables or rooms, so the subjective questions are asked in the room when the patient scans in the room to pull up their file for the doctor. As most times the doctor is at another table this allows the patient to get info in for the doctor. The questions are completely customized and can have an unlimited set of questions determined by the patients care status. Example you can have medicare questions, general insurance questions, wellness question or even have questions in other languages that come out as english in the notes. The subjective questions are activated or deactivated by patient and can make your compliance much better along with speeding up the flow of the practice.

  9. Auto Insurance Posting - When it comes to insurance everyone will tell you the most time consuming process is posting EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits) which shows what the insurance company paid on a specific CPT code. This process can take hours and needs to be done line item by line item to make sure every charge is accounted for. Platinum System makes this process automatic, saving the office hours of work. Now EOB’s can be received electronically and downloaded into your Platinum System. The program will give you a reason code report telling you why something did not get paid. You can open the EOB and see every transaction then just hit the post button and it will go through line item by line item posting every payment, write off, patient responsibility and more in seconds. Once it is finished you get a summary report that shows how everything posted, if any changes were made and if anything did not post correctly so you make any changes if necessary. This feature is life saving game changer.

  10. Query Based Searches - Many times we hear a doctor saying to their staff, how many new patients since the beginning of the year are still on care or how many currently active patients do we have or how many kids are we seeing. The list can go on and on. Platinum System has an incredible query based system that you can find the answers to all these questions. Each field in platinum can be queried for a time frame, then once you have the patients that fit that criteria you can then run a report, export them to excel, send them emails or text message or even print labels. The way Platinum System lets you look at your data is up to you. Find out things about your practice you never knew but always wanted to just at the push of a button. Things that in the past would have taken hours or even weeks of research can be found in an instant.

Platinum System is an incredibly fast and efficient program for running your Chiropractic office. From check in to check out you will be amazed at what it can do for your practice. We hope you enjoyed the 10 best features but there is more to come. Be on the lookout for the first Hybrid system in chiropractic not only allowing you fast office connection but the freedom of a web based program. Coming soon is a new automated SMS system, a new online schedule feature and a secure backup program that will help protect you again viruses and ransomware. Call us today to learn more



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