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Platinum Tip — How To Easily Schedule Family Visits

Here’s a tip for how to use the Platinum X software in order to make family visits easier to schedule. First, create a group for a family by following these steps: Add the first family members file by using Add File.For the second family member, hit Add File again then click CTRL- F7, which will copy the address from the previous file.Repeat for all family members.Once you have all the family members entered, group them together by following these steps: Go into G for group.If all family members have the same phone number, use phone then put an X beside all family members to group them.If the phone numbers are different you can use the ‘create new group’ button, then do a search for the next person. Click group again and then insert, search for the first family member and they will be grouped. Do this for all family members.Once a family is grouped together, it’s easy to schedule their appointments as a group. Go to the first family member entered.Choose the day they want to schedule and click on the schedule.Hit G for group.The group icon will turn pink.Use the plus and minus keys on the keyboard to cycle through family members in the group and continue to book for the same day.These steps will become second nature once you’ve grouped and scheduled a family or two. Platinum X makes it easier to put families in the system and schedule their visits so that it’s more convenient for them and more manageable for your staff. Making our EHR software work the way you do is what Platinum X is all about. If you are interested in learning more about Platinum X, or if you need assistance downloading the new software, click here. Do you have more questions about Platinum X? Call 888-880-8602 or email

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