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How To Make Chiropractic Patients Happier And Healthier

Happy and healthy patients are often a chiropractor’s best referral sources. For example, at a child’s birthday party at an ice-skating rink, the following true conversation was recently overheard among a group of moms as they were lacing up their skates: Mom 1 to Mom 2: “I didn’t think you’d be able to skate with the kids today because of your bad back.” Mom 2: “Me either, but I’ve actually found a great chiropractor who has really helped me feel better.”

Mom 1: “Wow, that must be such a relief, I’m happy for you.”

Mom 2: “It is, and I’m happy too. And so are my kids now that I can do activities like this with them again.” Mom 1: “I’ve actually been thinking of finding a chiropractor, too. Can you tell me who you’re seeing?”

Scenarios like this play out all the time, and are a good reminder that helping patients feel healthier also makes them happier, and that spreads. Aside from helping alleviate their physical symptoms of pain or discomfort, there are 2 more key ways to keep chiropractic patients happy:


Good, consistent communication is like oxygen to the chiropractor-patient relationship. Communication with both the office staff and the doctor must be easy for patients to do and understand. Doctors need to show patients their progress, challenges, and goals with easy to view electronic imaging and care plans. Patients should have a clear understanding of what their current level of function is, what their goal level is, and how the chiropractor plans to help them get there. In addition to care plan communications, a mix of regular, automated messages reminding patients about appointments or upcoming events, congratulating them on achievements, or offering wellness tips all keep them engaged in the ongoing process of working alongside the chiropractic practice towards optimal health.

Playing An Active Role

When patients feel that they play an active role in restoring or maintaining their health, they’re more likely to stick to the care plan. There are easy ways to achieve this from the minute patients walk into the office. For example, a Chiropractic Health Card that’s linked to their electronic health records allows patients to check themselves in electronically and fill out the an on-screen evaluation of how they’re doing. This gives them some control over the pace of the visit.Patients should also have more options to easily schedule appointments through an app on their phone without having to call the office and wait on hold or be put into voicemail.

Consistent communication and helping patients play an active role in their appointments are just two key ways chiropractors can make patients happy during the ongoing process of becoming healthier.

Platinum System offers EHR software designed to work the way chiropractors do, which helps chiropractors focus on the health and happiness of their patients, not paperwork. To discuss how Platinum System might serve the unique patient management needs of your practice, contact us online, or call us at 888-808-4898.



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