Platinum System and OpenEdge Have 
Partnered to Provide You With a Secure
Payment Processing Solution for Your Practice!

EMV® Certified

Chiropractic practices can now accept EMV®/chip cards and NFC transactions for Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™ through their Platinum POS/software.

Enhanced Security
An advanced, proprietary bundle designed to combat most fraud scenarios and protect your business. Combining encryption, tokenization, PCI and EMV, EdgeShield® means you’re accepting payments on one of the industry’s most secure platforms.

Recurring Payments
Automates future payments within Platinum System.

Decline Minimizer
A dream come true for clinics who handle recurring payments and wellness plans. Every night, behind the scenes, OpenEdge will automatically update expired, lost/stolen and reissued credit cards with new 16-digit card numbers and expiration dates. This will keep your Patient’s transactions running successfully and save your staff time handling collections.

Check out how PCI ASSURE works for you as a Platinum System Practice

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FREE OpenEdge Account Analysis with Price Guarantee

OpenEdge pricing experts have analyzed thousands of merchant accounts! The analysis will provide you with everything you need to know about your rates and how OpenEdge can save you money. OpenEdge will match your current rates or any other published offer you have in hand or you receive a $50 gift card.*

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No Third-Party Gateway Fees
Save thousands of dollars each year by avoiding third-party gateway fees.

Platinum System Integrated Payment Features Powered By OpenEdge:


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