This section is dedicated to Platinum System Updates, how to perform an update and what is included


Auto Update Procedures

This one-time procedure is intended for clients who are not using the Platinum System Outsource Billing Service. Our dedicated insurance agents will install the program for these clients.                                

Easy… The auto-update system is straightforward, user friendly and automated. A simple click is needed to install an update. But our team is still behind you to answer your questions, to assist you with all your challenges and to give you customized training.


Secure… The auto-update system performs all required validations as the creation of a backup of your data before the update, a warning for open programs to be updated and data integrity check before and after the update.


Convenient… You can install the update at your convenience. No need to make an appointment with one of our agents. Just need to shut down Platinum on all computers!


Informative… Complete documentation will always be available online on


Start now and download the Platinum System Auto Update program which will allow you to install all upcoming Platinum System updates at your convenience. The installation of the auto-update system will take no more than 5 minutes! If the Platinum System Auto Update program is already installed on the server, you do not need to download it another time to install the update.


Program Installation

  1. The installation of the auto-update system must be done on the server;

  2. Open the Internet browser of your choice (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome);

  3. Download Platinum System Auto Update program

  4. Save the PSAutoUpdate program in the folder \\platinum\program\;

  5. Create a shortcut on your server desktop;

  6. You are now ready to install Platinum System updates.


If you need help to save the program and create the shortcut on the server desktop, please refer to the procedure specific to your Internet browser:

     Internet Explorer 

     Google Chrome 

     Mozilla Firefox

Update Documentation

Encryption Module

What you will notice in the enhanced encrypted version?


Insured’s ID field


At the Front Desk screen, the field Insured's ID - which displayed the insured ID of the last policy consulted or updated - is replaced by the field SSN. It shows under the Patient Billing Form button if you use the Billing Service or under Ins.Pol.Grp field otherwise. You can enter up to 22 alpha-numeric characters in it. We suggest to use it for the patient’s social security number.


The information that was showing before is not lost as it is found in the Patient's Policy Info.


To allow the display of this new field, for clients using the Billing Service, the New Insurance Condition button is renamed New Case and it has been shrunk.


User’s personal identification number (PIN)


(Front Desk → Utilities → L) CONFIGURATION → PROF & USER) Your user personal identification number is now encrypted. Call the Solution center if you do not remember it,


SOAP Notes (reminder)


The SOAP Notes can be added only from a computer configured as an adjustment table regardless of whether or not the automatic billing is enabled. In addition, the patient must have swiped to the sign in computer or have been added manually to the arrivals list by the Front Desk staff. He can also swipe his card at the adjusting table.


However, a treatment can be added for a previous date from any computer. The Touch Pad button ENTER AS PREVIOUS TREATMENT must then be used at the very end.and edit me. It's easy.



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